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      Well, a dolly will be a good but very limited option . I painted some guide marks on the garage floor for the front and rear tires of both bikes , so when I come in from riding on either of the two bikes , I aim and get on the correct position with the engine on and then turn it off and engage the kickstand and park . If I would decide to use a dolly it would be very difficult just to align the thing to get the bike on it ... on one side , it will make easier to move it afterwards , but on the other hand , difficult to get it on the thing on the first place ... nahh , I`ll stick with my system ... it is heavier to move when getting out , but I can move right in straight from the road and park either bike easily and when getting out , much safer to move forward with control .
      To move the Chieftain out , I take the truck out first and then start moving the bike to the left and turning it back and forward 4 times until I can clear it and move it out . The Suzuki , I can either do the same thing without moving the Chieftain at all or move it straight out backwards until I can get it out on the driveway and then turn it around , which is what I do most of the time and I don`t have to move the truck .
      The Suzuki is parked slightly forward than the Chieftain, to avoid interference with the handlebars .
      Perhaps these pics will explain it better :


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