The numbering system and display for the first 1901 bikes.

Discussion in 'Indian Motorcycle General Discussion' started by RedChieftain, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. RedChieftain

    RedChieftain Guest

    I may be late in discovering this and you guys may already know where the numbering system will be displayed on the first 1901 bikes but if not it is shown in the following video. Jettim showed a picture in an earlier thread that indicated it may be on the horn cover and it appears that it will be. This is much cooler than I had envisioned! :)
    <iframe src='' frameborder='0' width='550' height='438'></iframe>
  2. apd4209

    apd4209 Guest

    Hoping mine is a numbered bike. My dealer thinks it will be, but cant promise it
  3. Jettim

    Jettim Guest


    Here's another I found in their Press documents.
  4. poptop

    poptop Guest

    Are you that sure they are really on there way. 5 or is that 6 weeks and counting! Just sayan How big of a deposit did you lay down lol
  5. e_setter_man

    e_setter_man Guest

    I would assume that a numbered bike is still possible. But not for much longer. Everyone must remember, the numbered bikes are going worldwide. They won't last forever.

    I have heard every 4 days, they are selling enough bikes for 1 weeks production. This will slow down in time. But for now sales appear to be very strong.

    Look on the website. Indian has moved from under 20 dealers to over 30 dealers since Sturgis. Things are moving forward.
  6. Jettim

    Jettim Guest

    Last week Dick Scott Indian in Detroit claimed that they guaranteed a numbered bike if you put down a deposit that day, I don't see that up anymore. My Vintage is still set to leave Spirit Lake on the 17th, first shipment of 7 bikes are suppose to ship tomorrow, so poptop, I guess we'll find out soon!
  7. vision_nut

    vision_nut Guest

    Why not go to face book and on the Indian page ask them
  8. spider

    spider Guest

    Because they do not actually reply, they say a person will call in 3-5 days but no one actually calls, I know this from experience, been over a week now with no response from Indian.
    They have my phone # and I am still waiting, I just stopped holding my breath.
  9. e_setter_man

    e_setter_man Guest

    As many of you are aware. Delivery to the US has been delayed 2 weeks.

    I don't have specifics, but it is a cosmetic issue that Indian wants fixed before the bikes go out. Many bikes are going to folks not close to dealers. Indian feels it is best to make sure the isue is corrected at the factory. I want to stress the word I got is it is NOT mechanical.

    I applaud Indian for this decision. I have no problem waiting 2 additional weeks for the initial deliveries. I look at this as a situation where Indian has stepped up and done what is best for me the customer.
  10. Andy

    Andy Guest

    Some of the early Vision models had a dimpled side bag. If it is a cosmetic issue that is delaying the initial shipment, possibly Polaris learned a bit by that experience and wants to get them right before they go out the door. If so, quite possibly this could be a good thing.
  11. RedChieftain

    RedChieftain Guest

    A 'good thing' indeed! Get it RIGHT from the start. We'll be ridin' em' soon guys! :)
  12. marty

    marty Guest

    He'll yes that's a very good thing
    A perfect new Indian.. He'll ya
  13. Jettim

    Jettim Guest

    I had heard shortly after Sturgis that a 10 day production delay was taking place. That pushed the first deliveries from late August to early September. At that time it was suppose to be about a few small cosmetic issues and finalizing the fuel injection ECU software. As I stated earlier, as of last Wednesday everything was still set for the amended schedule, and my Vintage should be leaving the factory on the 17th. If this is a new issue, we'll know in the next week or so. There's a first shipment that's suppose to go about a week prior, anyone in that group?
  14. RedChieftain

    RedChieftain Guest

    Jettim, we HAVE to make sure we meet at Sturgis next year! I like your spirit, Man! The little I know of the cosmetic issue, Indian, wanting to fully satisfy their customers', even knowing of the growing impatience and THIRST for the bikes, has chosen the best option in my mind. GET IT RIGHT before releasing the bikes. It's a delay but I like Indian's decision and want it RIGHT when I pick it up and ride out. I know that you have weather concerns, Jettim, and I hope this delay doesn't get you into cold, wet weather. My bet is that this delay will not delay bikes scheduled for delivery from late Sept. on.

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