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    1. Lost Hillbilly
      Lost Hillbilly
      If your current sale doesn't work out for any reason, please let me know. I'd love to take that bike off your hands.
    2. Lost Hillbilly
      Lost Hillbilly
      Your black Vintage looks fantastic. I live in North Georgia and if I could find a way to take a look at it I'd be quite interested. The mods look great. Did you do them all at once?
    3. rjmart1013
      I just ordered the 17 Chieftain and would love this seat on the Dark Horse. Is it still available and does it come with all the hardware. Send me your asking price and if you have a paypal account to pay you at

      Rob M
      San Antonio, TX
    4. rlmindian
      How much will you be asking for the seat? I'm kinda in the same delima though. I'm 6'1 and the DH seat provides a little more leg room than the standard Indian seat. I'm debating on the red one or going with the mustang seat that pushes you back 1.5 inches with backrest. The red seat does look good.
    5. box_brockton
      I'm interested in the passenger seat. I have a Dark Horse Chieftain. Would you take $80.00 plus $20 for shipping? Making it a $100 even?
    6. chefn24
      well I clicked the link on the one you gave. you may have done in error but you should check. I didnt just pull your name out of a hat. I only give the red x when it is received first. besides, you are local, id rather have a beer than have a little biitch fit online.... beers are more fun
    7. chefn24
      Lol we can go all day with this.... I don't really care about a red x. You just the one who is handy with slinging them around....
      1. vintage
        I think you have the wrong Vintage, there are a few on here. I never gave someone a dislike before. I only gave you some because you gave me 11 in a row.
        May 7, 2016
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