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Sep 29, 2016
    1. 82ndScout
      Hi Nick I would be interested in one of those stock tan scout seats you have listed in the classifieds if you still have them. Respectfully Tony
    2. webmost
      Hi Nick. Please get hold of me via PM or better yet email. I can't seem to find the button to PM you. I'd like to become a forum sponsor and buy a banner ad.

    3. JimmyZ
      Bought a 2016 RM. was going to post pic's to your 2015 thread but not sure if a new thread for 2016 would be better place. Don't want to step on any toes!
    4. Americal23
      I emailed you reference broken link to start a thread from the new member intro page. You emailed me for some info. I responded and my email to you came back as a mailer daemon. caught your phone number on this site and called you and got a voice mail so I suppose your busy. So, I'm still unable to start a new thread.
    5. Chief-Michel
      If I look to the User Map, I couldn't found myself on that map. Is there any setting what I have to use, that the map shows that I'm online?
    6. Ziggy
      Nick, have you ever done a review of your Bell Bullitt? I want to get a full-faced helmet for safety and comfort. I like the retro style of the Bell Bullitt & Biltwell Gringo S, but am concerned about what creature comforts I would give up vs. a modern style. Considering for the same $ you could get a quieter helmet, a better seal around the eye gasket for rain, better vents, and a pin-lock shield.
    7. RBinTEX
      Nick, could you give me some info about being a supporting member (?) or vendor (?)
    8. Big D
      Big D
      Nick thanks for your help send me the prices and any pertinent information for a vendor.
    9. Takoda
      Hi Nick,
      Cavemann referred me to you. I would like to change my forum name to something more fun and anonymous than my current (real) name, and without loss of my history, postings, etc. Can you help me do that? I would like to use Takoda for this Indian Motorcycle forum. It is a Lakota word that means Friend to Everyone. If that is taken, I could use TMC4232.
      Let me know, thanks,
    10. Indian
      Nick, would you create a post for 2014 leather dye examples based on dye mix? Many have used different mixes, including the Indian provided mix. It would be great to see the result and mix used all in a row, hopefully without commentary, just a line up of what was used and result pics. What to you tthink?
    11. EskimoQuinn
    12. Firedog
      Your name was mentioned as someone that might be able to assist me in getting registered on the chiefmotorcycleforum. I have been trying for some time now but I still have not received any emails to complete my registration. I know that I'm getting emails because I used the same one as this forum and had no issues. Any assistance or insight is appreciated. Thanks.
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