Big Daddy
Mar 16, 2014
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Far Out

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Big Daddy

Texas Hill Country, from Far Out

    1. jc_wizz
      Just a quick question.. Do you still have the Zambini Bros tank emblems for sale? If so, please contact me.
      1. Big Daddy
        Big Daddy
        I'm going to hang on to them for now.
        Apr 18, 2016
    2. Shiver
      We own a home off FM 78. Probably close to your work. We started to buy a house a few years ago in Borne as a retirement home. It was a frustrating process we finally just decided to walk away from.

      1604 is NEVER fun to drive on. If I can avoid it I do. I'm sorry it is part of your commute. Stone Oat is by far the worst!
    3. Shiver
      Isn't it the day the music died? not stopped?
    4. Eaglehead
      Yeah, me and 2 other members of our local chapter and my riding buddy from Tulsa, will be staying at the Econo lodge.
      1. Big Daddy
        Big Daddy
        Man that's great.
        I look forward to meeting you and your friends.
        There is a lot of roads around here that are worth the trip.
        The first round is on me
        Feb 20, 2015
    5. Eaglehead
      You gonna be at the Texas Indian Riders Rally in April?
      1. Big Daddy
        Big Daddy
        Yes I will be there.
        I will not be staying at the hotel though.
        Are you going to make it?
        Feb 19, 2015
    6. Eaglehead
      Hey BD, did you move from Louisiana? Enjoy your posts.
      1. Big Daddy
        Big Daddy
        Yes, I moved home to the Texas Hill Country on 2/1/15.
        Thanks for the kind words Eaglehead.
        Feb 18, 2015
        lwszabo likes this.
    7. chiefwannabe1
      Big Daddy, just wanted to tell you about my wife's cousin Shawne Close who used Big Daddy as his screen name on the Iron Indian Riders Assc. forum. He died in 2005 at the age of 30, I wanted you to know this and have no problem with you using that name, actually my wife and I think it is great and feel a little bit honored that the name is carried on.... Thanks Dave Calp aka
      1. Big Daddy
        Big Daddy
        Thank you so much for the kind words.
        I'm honored to know that I will be walking in some pretty large foot steps!
        Dec 28, 2014
    8. Boanerges
      Hey BD, we need to get our group, Indian riders of South MS and yours together. We're based out of Hattiesburg.
      1. Big Daddy
        Big Daddy
        Yes, that does sound like a plan.
        I'll mention that there are feelers extended from your chapter to mine...see if we can't make it happen.
        You ever do lunch at The Dinner Bell in McComb?
        That's just the first spot that pops into my head.
        Dec 28, 2014
    9. Pegg696
      I have to tell you, Sir. I have leaned quite a bit from you here at this site.

      Your writing is, well, very easy for many and most importantly me, to follow and retain. I've had way too many confusions and need all the help with lessons like yours.


      1. Big Daddy
        Big Daddy
        Thank you very much!
        Dec 4, 2014
    10. armyvoyager
      Come on Big D, just 13 more posts and you too can be promoted...heh, heh, heh...
      1. Big Daddy likes this.
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