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by NickJ at Jan 24, 2014
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Not feeling confident in pulling the trigger, and picking up a first generation Indian Motorcycle with Polaris at the helm? Try this one on for size. Indian Motorcycles is so confident in their first offering under the new management, they are offering 5 years of coverage! This includes a year limited warranty and an extended service contract!

How do you like them apples? IF something goes wrong with that new scooter of yours, all it is going to cost you is a $50 deductible, and there is no mileage limitation at all. You can ride that thing to the moon and back and any mishap will still only cost you $50.

They will guarantee you a trade in value when you come back to the dealership in 2 and 3 years later. That is unheard of!

You also get a full year of roadside assistance that spans the whole gamut of things that can go wrong out on the road. Fluids, flat battery, and emergency transport. Now that is service!

If you are on the fence, you needn't be! Indian Motorcycles has you covered!

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